Comprehensive prevention, diagnosis & treatment.


Our team of Internists in NYC are Board Certified in Internal Medicine. We focus on helping you feel well and provide you with the tools to maintain this wellness. We take a closer look at your well-being to help uncover the root cause of your medical condition and symptoms, offering a combination of conventional medicine and integrative medical techniques to fit your lifestyle. 

The goal of our practice is to treat the individual patient and to work in a patient-doctor partnership.

medical care for the whole patient

At Integrative Medicine of NYC we take a look at the whole patient. This means we are equipped to evaluate medical problems from simple to complex by listening to more than just symptoms. We understand that lifestyle and emotional wellbeing can have a large influence on your physical wellbeing. We are prepared to understand your individual needs and create a treatment plan that will work for you.

At Integrative Medicine of NYC we focus on:

Prevention involves optimizing your wellness to avoid medical issues you may be at a higher risk of facing based on individual risk factors or family history.  The practice of Preventative Medicine may involve in-depth screenings, nutritional guidelines and other integrative treatments.
Proper Diagnosis is vital in determining the most appropriate treatment plan for you. Comprehensive testing is utilized to rule out conditions and also to pinpoint any medical issues that may have been previously missed. With a state-of-the-art laboratory and diagnostics on site, we are equipped to get to the bottom of your symptoms.
Treatment at Integrative Medicine of NYC may involve a combination of integrative techniques, promotion of a healthy lifestyle and conventional medicine. While proper diagnosis is essential, we do not base our treatment plan for you on the name of a condition. Instead, our team works with you to develop a plan that will be personalized to fit your lifestyle, schedule and symptoms.