What are allergies?

Allergies develop when your immune system responds to a foreign substance, or something your body comes into contact with or digests.  This response activates the immune system to try and rid your body of this outside substance. In NYC, many people are all too familiar with allergies, especially seasonal allergies in times of high pollen levels. Other causes of allergies could be dust mites, mold exposure, animals, food sensitivity and medication reaction.

Mild Allergies are very common and often harmless, but can cause frustrating symptoms for allergy sufferers including:

  • sneezing

  • coughing

  • itching

  • watery eyes

  • rashes

  • inflamed sinuses

  • runny nose

  • itchiness in the mouth

  • hives

  • diarrhea

  • stomach Pain

  • slight dry cough

  • swelling of lips, tongue, or throat

  • indigestion


Severe Allergies  are less common but can develop when certain triggers cause hypersensitive allergic reactions including:

  • wheezing

  • chronic allergic rhinitis

  • asthma attacks

  • sinus infections

  • ear infections

  • severe rashes

  • trouble swallowing

  • chest pain

  • loss of consciousness

  • turning blue

  • drop in blood pressure

  • shortness of breath

  • feeling faint or confused

  • extreme swelling of lips, tongue, or throat

  • vomiting

  • nauseous

  • paling of skin

  • Anaphylax, is a potentially life-threatening reaction that can impair breathing and send the body into shock; reactions may simultaneously affect different parts of the body (for example, a stomachache accompanied by a rash)

What is allergic rhinitis?

Allergic rhinitis, or hay fever, is an allergic response that affects the nasal canal and sinuses. Symptoms of allergic rhinitis include

  • sneezing fits

  • runny nose and postnasal drip

  • sinusitis or inflammation of the sinuses

  • itchy throat and nose

  • itchy, watery eyes

  • sinus infections

Allergy Testing at Integrative Medicine of NYC

At Integrative Medicine of NYC, we provide advanced allergy testing techniques for both environmental allergies and food allergies. Allergy testing is done at our office in panels on the skin. After 15 minutes, your results will develop allowing for a quick and easy diagnosis almost immediately.

Our advanced panels test for the most common 70 allergens known to produce allergic reactions. 

Allergy Treatment in NYC

The first step in treating allergies is to meet with an allergy doctor at Integrative Medicine of NYC to evaluate your symptoms and history. Allergy testing is offered to patients who suspect they may have an allergy.

In patients who have confirmed allergies, allergy treatment may be offered depending on the severity of the patient's symptoms.

  • Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT) is a series of drops a patient is provided to build up an immunity against the specific allergen/s that are causing you symptoms. Patients are able to take sublingual therapy at home and will follow up with the doctor every few months to reevaluate symptoms. Sublingual immunotherapy is an easy allergy treatment for patients and is accepted as a safe and effective alternative to allergy shots.

  • Subcutaeneous Immunotherapy (SCIT) is allergy treatment offered in the form of shots. This form of immunotherapy is well known and has been a trusted form of allergy treatment in the United States for decades.

It is important to note that allergy treatment is intended to treat a patient's symptoms, not the allergy. That being said, not all patients will require a series of Immunotherapy, even with confirmed allergies. There are natural supplements that can help ward off the symptoms of mild allergies. Probiotics are often helpful in treating food allergies as they can help strengthen the gut.

At Integrative Medicine of NYC we are dedicated to helping all your allergy needs.

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